Month: March 2018

Easter Egg Hunt 2018

Saturday, March 17th, 11:00 a.m.
Grab a basket and hop on over for our annual Egg Hunt!
Treats for sharing are welcome and appreciated.
See you there!

Deerhurst Digest – March 2018


Saturday, March 17 th at 11 a.m.
Gardner Park
This will be a fun event for you and your children. We hope to see you there! To volunteer to help with the festivities, please email Kristen at Stay tuned for any weather-related updates/changes via the resident Deerhurst e-mail.



Tuesday, April 17th at 7:30 p.m.
Lombardy Elementary School

It is important that you attend so you can exercise your right to vote for your Board and District Representatives and set dues for the coming fiscal year. The following positions need to be filled – President and Treasurer. John Fulgoney has served as President for two years and Kristen VanDeBoe has served as Treasurer for four years. We need some new volunteers to help fill these roles. Also open for nomination are District Representatives for even-numbered districts to serve for two years. Please email to be nominated for these important offices or for more information about these roles. The current Board is detailed below.



Your DCA dues for 2017 are $40.00 for general expenses and $10.00 (if applicable to your home) for snow removal. If you have not yet paid your dues for 2017, please deliver your check for these community services to your District Representative. If you have questions, please email . Dues for the coming fiscal year will be set at the Deerhurst Civic Association annual meeting on April 17 as detailed above.

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